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About us

Makki Grill, founded in 2016 by Khadija Nisar, stands as a culinary gem in Palatine, Illinois, recognized for its distinction as a top halal restaurant. Elevating the dining experience, we specialize in offering a delectable fusion of authentic Indian, Pakistani, and barbecue grilled dishes. With a commitment to quality and a blend of flavors that resonate, Makki Grill invites you to savor a delightful journey through our diverse and mouthwatering menu.


Our best specialties

Elevate your dining experience with our special burgers, gyros to aromatic biryani, butter chicken, and chicken tikka.

Special selection

From our menu

Cheese Burger

Beef & cheese patty topped with salad & sauces on bread.

Gyro Wrap

Sliced gyro meat enveloped in warm pita.

Philly Steak

Thinly sliced steak with peppers and onions in a soft bun.

Chicken Sandwich Crispy

Crispy breaded chicken on a bun.

Sub Sandwich Combo

Turkey and roast beef with sides.

Butter Chicken Masala

Tender chicken in a creamy, flavourful sauce.

Goat Karahi

Succulent goat meat cooked in aromatic spices.

Chicken Karahi

Tender chicken cooked in a rich, spicy gravy.

Nihari Beef or Chicken

Slow-cooked beef or chicken in a rich, fragrant gravy.

Palak Paneer

Creamy spinach curry with chunks of paneer cheese.

Makki Grill

805 N Quentin Rd Palatine, IL 60067

(224) 801-8125, makkigrill1@gmail.com

Open: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm